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How To Add Curb Appeal By Updating Your Garage Door

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You should never judge a book by its cover, but if the exterior of your home is unsightly, one may question what the interior of your home may look like. Small updates such as adding landscaping and cleaning up shrubbery can help brighten up your home, but other updates such as adding a new garage door are a great way to add big impact to your home without breaking the bank. See below for ways to update your existing or new garage door to help add curb appeal. Add Accessories Accessories can be added to your garage door, such as window panels, or even faux panels you paint on yourself. Use black exterior paint for aluminum in a high gloss finish and painter’s tape if painting window panels. You can also add carriage door accessories to give your home a craftsman-home feel. These door accessories can be found at your local hardware store in a variety of styles and are easy to install. Add door handles to complete the look. Above-The-Door Trellis/Pergola Add a trellis or pergola directly above your garage door to add an architectural feature to your home. A trellis/pergola is easy to install and can be done yourself. You can purchase the brackets needed to hold the trellis rafters or make them yourself (if you are handy with power tools). You can use posts in the ground attached to a beam that sits above and across the top of your garage doors, then add perlins on top of the beam. Your trellis/pergola can hold ivy or other climbing vines/flowers to add extra beauty. Exterior Trim Add new trim around your garage door to help update your garage door. Vinyl trim is a durable option to use, rather than aluminum, which can dent easily. Bump up the trim around your garage door by adding an extra piece of trim (about six inches wide) above the door. Take it a step further by adding a piece of crown molding to the top of the six inch piece. Trim around your garage door will help to showcase your garage door. Paint your trim a different color than your garage door to help make it pop. Adding curb appeal to your home by updating your garage door can be done using your existing garage door or a new garage door. If your old garage door is dented or damaged, it is time for a new one. Contact a professional garage door installer for an estimate on a new...

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Three Reasons Why You Cannot Install Or Repair Your Automatic Doors On Your Own

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If you have bought automatic doors for your business, you may want to reconsider installing them yourself. If you already have them, you may also want to reconsider repairing them yourself when they break down. The following three reasons highlight why you should avoid installing or repairing your automatic doors by yourself. Automatic Doors Require Electrical Wiring  Only an electrician or a door installation expert (such as one from Access Door & Glass Inc) has the know-how to install the electrical wiring that makes these doors move. The overhead motion sensors that trigger the opening of the doors also requires electrical wiring that needs to be installed just right or your doors will not open regardless of the motion below them. The doors are wired together with the motion sensors above and then all of that is wired into the electrical box on the property. Without some intermediate knowledge and skills in electrical work, you cannot expect to complete this part of the job on your own. The Door Tracks Have to Be Straight and Level Automatic doors rely heavily on their tracks being straight and level. If the tracks are tilted or slant, the doors will collide or stick and then you will need to call an automatic door installation and repair technician anyway. The technician who installs the doors already has the tools to test and calibrate the tracks so that the doors are installed perfectly and will not have any issues sliding past each other. Installing These Doors from Scratch Requires Construction Skills You Probably Do Not Have No matter how handy you are or how advanced your skills as a DIYer, not much can prepare you for what it takes to reconstruct an entire doorway. Not only does the old swing door and frame need to be removed entirely, but a much larger opening has to be made to accommodate the door frame of the automatic doors. Additionally, more supports have to be installed around the whole of this new frame because automatic doors are not as light as they look. Even after you have the frame and the additional supports installed, there is still the matter of opening up the wall to one side or another to install the electrical wiring and then insulate the whole area too. Once all of the above tasks are complete, the doors still have to be installed on tracks. The doors simply do not slide or pop into place as one might assume. There are also the details of the motion sensors and the locks, which could be overlooked in your hurry to complete the job. So many things could go wrong that this job is best left to the professionals....

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Gun Safety Tips

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In 2015, the number of gun violence incidents involving children aged eleven and younger topped 600. Many accidents involving guns may have been prevented by a more responsible approach to storing firearms. Wherever you stand on the gun control issue, the following tips for the proper safekeeping of guns will be useful to know and to share. Don’t Tell Others You Have a Gun in the Home If you choose to keep a gun in your home, keep this information to yourself and your spouse if necessary. The more people who know about your gun, the higher the possibility that someone will think about locating it and/or using it. Unfortunately, divulging your gun ownership to your neighbor with a teenage child may end up in tragedy if the teen becomes curious. Even adults outside your home with no children have no business knowing that you have a weapon in your home. Store Your Gun Unloaded You may think that an unloaded gun is useless, and opt to keep your gun loaded. However, a loaded gun can be accidentally fired if you have forgotten to leave the safety engaged. To prevent accidents, keep the ammunition in a separate location. Lock up the Ammunition The ammunition for your gun should be locked as securely as you lock up your gun. This helps to ensure that even if someone has successfully found your weapon, they still can’t cause harm because the ammunition is stored and locked separately. This provides yet another layer of protection against a security breach. Install a Fixed Safe for Your Gun Portable lockboxes can be transported out of your home and picked open or broken. These inexpensive solutions are no solution for your gun. Instead, hire a locksmith to install a fixed safe for your gun. These safes can be installed behind secure doors that are impenetrable unless the person has the key or combination. Since a fixed safe can’t be removed from your home, this offers the best storage option for your gun. Never Let Your Child See Your Gun As with other times, guns need to be cleaned and maintained, even if they are never used. You may need to occasionally remove your gun from its locked safe location for cleaning. When you do so, be sure you are in a locked room, where your child won’t accidentally come in, looking for you. The more layers of protection you can put between your gun and your child, the better. If you choose to own a gun, utilize these tips to keep everyone safe. Contact a company, such as A-Dave’s Lock & Safe, for more information....

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About The Pros & Cons Of An Aluminum Garage Door

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Are you looking for an affordable garage door replacement for you home? The best option may be to invest in a garage door that is constructed out of aluminum because it can provide many advantages over other door types. Find out below about the pros and cons of an aluminum garage door so you can decide if it is right for your budget. What are the Pros of an Aluminum Garage Door? One of the pros of an aluminum garage door is that it is super lightweight. The lightweight door is a lot easier to handle than other doors, which means that it will be easier to install. Even if you are not installing the door on your own, it will be less labor for a professional to install and may save you a little money on installation costs. An aluminum door is also ideal when it comes to low maintenance, as it is unable to get rusty. You won’t have to worry about rainwater causing you to invest in untimely repairs. Low maintenance means that your aluminum door will be durable. If you decide to get rid of the door in the future, the metal can be recycled and help keep the environment safe. Another pro is that an aluminum door is easy on the torsion springs. You won’t have a heavy door that is placing a lot of force on the springs and causing them to wear out. The torsion springs are in place to hold the weight of the door as it opens and closes. What are the Cons of an Aluminum Garage Door? A con to consider about an aluminum garage door is that it can get dented easily. All it takes is an accidentally bump into the door with your vehicle or running into it with a bike for dents to occur. Getting dents out of an aluminum door can be a hard task, even with the help of a professional. If the dent is interfering with operation of the door, you may have to replace it. You are looking to spend at least $400 or more for a professional to install a new aluminum garage door. However, it is affordable because the actual door is included in the estimate as well. Keep in mind that the size of the door will play a role in the overall price. Get your old garage door replaced with one constructed out of aluminum by calling a contractor as soon as possible! For a professional garage door contractor, contact a company such as A Premier Door...

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5 Ways To Creatively Repurpose Your Old Windows

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Once your windows become old and worn out, they just don’t keep the heat in as well as they once did. The same is true with cool air. It’s time to get new windows installed in the house, but what are you going to do with the old ones? Vintage windows are perfect for a weekend project that puts your creativity to the test. Here are five ways you can recycle and re-purpose your home’s old windows: Create a Picture Frame If you need somewhere to put some photographs, you can use the old window to create a very unique picture frame. You have many options, especially if you use your creativity. However, one potential way to transform the window into a picture frame is using string and clothespins. You can attach multiple pieces of string horizontally across the window frame (with or without the glass) and use the clothespin to clip photographs. Create a Mirror If you aren’t interested in the picture frame idea, then you could opt for a mirror instead. Mirrors make rooms feel and appear larger, but a plain mirror on the wall isn’t super appealing. An old window, however, that has been transformed into a mirror is full of character and very eye-catching. All you’ll need to do is purchase mirrors the same size as the glass sections of the window and maybe some cardboard to place on the very back to help add sturdiness to the back of the mirrors pieces. Create a Table The shape of a window is perfect for creating a table with the window being the tabletop. Your old window can easily be used for a side table in your living room or a drink table out on the patio. Create a Headboard Another great option that you have with your old windows is to use them to create a headboard in the bedroom. You can create a rustic or vintage look by doing this. Alternatively, you could scrape the old paint off and apply a fresh coat of paint to the window frame to create something a bit more contemporary. You can use them as they are. Alternatively, you could insert fabric-covered pieces of fiberboard (or some type of relatively hard board) to create a piece of artwork. Create a Greenhouse Your old windows may not be so great for your home anymore, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be used to separate the indoors from the outdoors. If you have a garden, you can use the old windows to create your very own greenhouse. Now that you have a few ideas of what you can do with your old windows, it’s time to get those new energy-efficient vinyl windows put in so that you can start cutting those utility bills...

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