5 Ways To Creatively Repurpose Your Old Windows

Once your windows become old and worn out, they just don't keep the heat in as well as they once did. The same is true with cool air. It's time to get new windows installed in the house, but what are you going to do with the old ones? Vintage windows are perfect for a weekend project that puts your creativity to the test.

Here are five ways you can recycle and re-purpose your home's old windows:

Create a Picture Frame

If you need somewhere to put some photographs, you can use the old window to create a very unique picture frame. You have many options, especially if you use your creativity. However, one potential way to transform the window into a picture frame is using string and clothespins. You can attach multiple pieces of string horizontally across the window frame (with or without the glass) and use the clothespin to clip photographs.

Create a Mirror

If you aren't interested in the picture frame idea, then you could opt for a mirror instead. Mirrors make rooms feel and appear larger, but a plain mirror on the wall isn't super appealing. An old window, however, that has been transformed into a mirror is full of character and very eye-catching. All you'll need to do is purchase mirrors the same size as the glass sections of the window and maybe some cardboard to place on the very back to help add sturdiness to the back of the mirrors pieces.

Create a Table

The shape of a window is perfect for creating a table with the window being the tabletop. Your old window can easily be used for a side table in your living room or a drink table out on the patio.

Create a Headboard

Another great option that you have with your old windows is to use them to create a headboard in the bedroom. You can create a rustic or vintage look by doing this. Alternatively, you could scrape the old paint off and apply a fresh coat of paint to the window frame to create something a bit more contemporary. You can use them as they are. Alternatively, you could insert fabric-covered pieces of fiberboard (or some type of relatively hard board) to create a piece of artwork.

Create a Greenhouse

Your old windows may not be so great for your home anymore, but that doesn't mean that they can't be used to separate the indoors from the outdoors. If you have a garden, you can use the old windows to create your very own greenhouse.

Now that you have a few ideas of what you can do with your old windows, it's time to get those new energy-efficient vinyl windows put in so that you can start cutting those utility bills down.