Gun Safety Tips

In 2015, the number of gun violence incidents involving children aged eleven and younger topped 600. Many accidents involving guns may have been prevented by a more responsible approach to storing firearms. Wherever you stand on the gun control issue, the following tips for the proper safekeeping of guns will be useful to know and to share.

Don't Tell Others You Have a Gun in the Home

If you choose to keep a gun in your home, keep this information to yourself and your spouse if necessary. The more people who know about your gun, the higher the possibility that someone will think about locating it and/or using it. Unfortunately, divulging your gun ownership to your neighbor with a teenage child may end up in tragedy if the teen becomes curious. Even adults outside your home with no children have no business knowing that you have a weapon in your home.

Store Your Gun Unloaded

You may think that an unloaded gun is useless, and opt to keep your gun loaded. However, a loaded gun can be accidentally fired if you have forgotten to leave the safety engaged. To prevent accidents, keep the ammunition in a separate location.

Lock up the Ammunition

The ammunition for your gun should be locked as securely as you lock up your gun. This helps to ensure that even if someone has successfully found your weapon, they still can't cause harm because the ammunition is stored and locked separately. This provides yet another layer of protection against a security breach.

Install a Fixed Safe for Your Gun

Portable lockboxes can be transported out of your home and picked open or broken. These inexpensive solutions are no solution for your gun. Instead, hire a locksmith to install a fixed safe for your gun. These safes can be installed behind secure doors that are impenetrable unless the person has the key or combination. Since a fixed safe can't be removed from your home, this offers the best storage option for your gun.

Never Let Your Child See Your Gun

As with other times, guns need to be cleaned and maintained, even if they are never used. You may need to occasionally remove your gun from its locked safe location for cleaning. When you do so, be sure you are in a locked room, where your child won't accidentally come in, looking for you.

The more layers of protection you can put between your gun and your child, the better. If you choose to own a gun, utilize these tips to keep everyone safe. Contact a company, such as A-Dave's Lock & Safe, for more information.