Three Reasons Why You Cannot Install Or Repair Your Automatic Doors On Your Own

If you have bought automatic doors for your business, you may want to reconsider installing them yourself. If you already have them, you may also want to reconsider repairing them yourself when they break down. The following three reasons highlight why you should avoid installing or repairing your automatic doors by yourself.

Automatic Doors Require Electrical Wiring 

Only an electrician or a door installation expert (such as one from Access Door & Glass Inc) has the know-how to install the electrical wiring that makes these doors move. The overhead motion sensors that trigger the opening of the doors also requires electrical wiring that needs to be installed just right or your doors will not open regardless of the motion below them. The doors are wired together with the motion sensors above and then all of that is wired into the electrical box on the property. Without some intermediate knowledge and skills in electrical work, you cannot expect to complete this part of the job on your own.

The Door Tracks Have to Be Straight and Level

Automatic doors rely heavily on their tracks being straight and level. If the tracks are tilted or slant, the doors will collide or stick and then you will need to call an automatic door installation and repair technician anyway. The technician who installs the doors already has the tools to test and calibrate the tracks so that the doors are installed perfectly and will not have any issues sliding past each other.

Installing These Doors from Scratch Requires Construction Skills You Probably Do Not Have

No matter how handy you are or how advanced your skills as a DIYer, not much can prepare you for what it takes to reconstruct an entire doorway. Not only does the old swing door and frame need to be removed entirely, but a much larger opening has to be made to accommodate the door frame of the automatic doors. Additionally, more supports have to be installed around the whole of this new frame because automatic doors are not as light as they look. Even after you have the frame and the additional supports installed, there is still the matter of opening up the wall to one side or another to install the electrical wiring and then insulate the whole area too.

Once all of the above tasks are complete, the doors still have to be installed on tracks. The doors simply do not slide or pop into place as one might assume. There are also the details of the motion sensors and the locks, which could be overlooked in your hurry to complete the job. So many things could go wrong that this job is best left to the professionals.