4 Types Of Commercial Garage Doors To Consider

Whether you're an automotive company, a catering company, or a manufacturing plant, your garage doors are important. They keep your business, vehicles, and merchandise safe while keeping out the elements. However, there are several types of commercial garage doors available, and before you decide on one, it's important to do your research. Here are four types of garage doors that might be right for your business:

1. Sectional steel doors

Sectional steel doors look like the types of garage doors you'd find in a residential neighborhood. However, they are more durable and made from stronger materials. Sectional steel doors work great for most applications, including car show rooms, factories, bars, and restaurants.

2. Rolling service doors

Rolling service doors are simple and attractive. They roll up when opened and are easy to operate. Rolling service doors come in multiple colors to suit any building aesthetic, and they're made from durable steel. There are many different slat patterns to choose from, so feel free to purchase a door that matches your business's overall style.

3. Insulated sectional doors

If your business requires a steady temperature, the last thing you want is a particularly hot day ruining your inventory. Insulated sectional doors are made from metal, but they provide additional insulation when compared with other commercial garage doors, and are especially well-suited to large walk-in refrigerators. They roll up, so they'll be out of the way when open, and when these doors are closed, they'll help your cooling or heating system function with more energy efficiency.

4. Fire rated doors

If you run a food service business, a welding business, or another type of company that is more prone to fire hazards, you may need a fire rated door. These garage doors comply with fire safety regulations, and they will help you pass any necessary fire inspection. In the event of a fire, a fire rated door will keep flames and smoke out and prevent the fire from spreading. This can save you a lot of money by preventing damage.

Thoroughly consider your business's needs before settling on a type of door. Once you know what type of door you need, contact your local commercial garage door installation services. They will provide you with professionals who can quickly and easily install your new commercial door. Remember that proper installation is just as crucial as purchasing the right door, so hire the best installation company you can find.