Window Inserts Stop Heat Loss And Block Drafts For A More Comfortable Home

Window inserts can give your home improved climate control at a much lower cost than new windows. Inserts can be used on old windows, new windows, and windows of about any shape and size. Here's why you may want inserts on your windows and a look at how they're installed.

Why You May Want Window Inserts

A window insert mounts on the inside of your window. They're not noticeable on the outside, and the frames blend in with the trim on the inside. Inserts are made with tubing or rigid foam around the edges so they have a tight seal in the windows to block drafts and heat loss. Inserts help your rooms stay warmer in the winter to reduce heating bills and cooler in the summer to control cooling bills and save wear on your HVAC.

The window part of the insert is made from a material, such as acrylic, that prevents air leaks. The window can be clear or it can block light to act as blinds for a bedroom when you need to sleep during the day. Inserts can also reduce outside noise and block UV rays to prevent fading of furniture, carpet, and paintings.

There are different brands and types of window inserts on the market, so look for a type that has the extra features you're looking for such as UV blocking, light blocking, or noise reduction.

How Window Inserts Are Installed

You can buy window inserts in standard sizes that match the sizes of your windows. Because the outside of the inserts has a soft edge, you can press the insert into the window opening and get a tight fit even if the window frame isn't quite square.

For the best fit, or for windows with odd shapes, you can have inserts custom made for your windows. Once you have the inserts, you can install and remove them yourself since they don't fasten with clips. You press them in place and they stay because of the compression of the soft sides against the window frame.

If there's one room of your house that always seems cold or a room that's too hot due to solar heating, window inserts might be the solution for better climate control. Inserts are much cheaper than getting new windows, and you may prefer them to window film since you can take the inserts out when you want. Most of all, they'll help control the temperature in your home and they might reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills.

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