How To Add Curb Appeal By Updating Your Garage Door

You should never judge a book by its cover, but if the exterior of your home is unsightly, one may question what the interior of your home may look like. Small updates such as adding landscaping and cleaning up shrubbery can help brighten up your home, but other updates such as adding a new garage door are a great way to add big impact to your home without breaking the bank. See below for ways to update your existing or new garage door to help add curb appeal.

Add Accessories

Accessories can be added to your garage door, such as window panels, or even faux panels you paint on yourself. Use black exterior paint for aluminum in a high gloss finish and painter's tape if painting window panels. You can also add carriage door accessories to give your home a craftsman-home feel. These door accessories can be found at your local hardware store in a variety of styles and are easy to install. Add door handles to complete the look.

Above-The-Door Trellis/Pergola

Add a trellis or pergola directly above your garage door to add an architectural feature to your home. A trellis/pergola is easy to install and can be done yourself. You can purchase the brackets needed to hold the trellis rafters or make them yourself (if you are handy with power tools). You can use posts in the ground attached to a beam that sits above and across the top of your garage doors, then add perlins on top of the beam. Your trellis/pergola can hold ivy or other climbing vines/flowers to add extra beauty.

Exterior Trim

Add new trim around your garage door to help update your garage door. Vinyl trim is a durable option to use, rather than aluminum, which can dent easily. Bump up the trim around your garage door by adding an extra piece of trim (about six inches wide) above the door. Take it a step further by adding a piece of crown molding to the top of the six inch piece. Trim around your garage door will help to showcase your garage door. Paint your trim a different color than your garage door to help make it pop.

Adding curb appeal to your home by updating your garage door can be done using your existing garage door or a new garage door. If your old garage door is dented or damaged, it is time for a new one. Contact a professional garage door installer for an estimate on a new door.